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The Life of Christ - How to teach this course

  • Order a book for each student, SYNOPSIS OF THE FOUR GOSPELS, English Edition, by Kurt Aland from the American Bible Society at a special course discount of 50%. Your price is only $24.99, plus shipping and handling.  Enter discount code SFS50 at check out to get the 50% discount.
  • Order a CD for the course, THE LIFE OF CHRIST: $250, plus shipping and handling, for Lessons 1-54, Year 1 & 2, with power points.
  • On the CD, a lesson is provided for each session. It includes an in-depth Bible study, discussion questions, power points, and links to the finest visual aids on the Internet (art, photography, archeology).
  • Use a laptop which is connected to the Internet. Insert the CD. Attach a projector to the laptop to show images from the Internet and power points.  
  • An instructor may want to have a technician present to manage the power points and use the links to show images (art, archeology) from the Internet.
  • An instructor may simply teach from his/her laptop. He/she may use a specialized remote mouse to change slides and also as a laser pointer.
  • Perhaps create a “hard copy” of two teaching notebooks of the actual teaching materials, one for the instructor and the other for a technician. Print the lessons on three-holed paper, black color only, light ink. Use notebook dividers for each lesson.  It is helpful to have a secretary do this.
  • As you give your presentation, keep the students’ minds busy looking inside their textbook and focusing on the words on the page. Have students take notes in the margins of their texts. People enjoy this “in depth” study.
  • After the class is finished, email the students your lecture/study you have just completed. Students report that the combination of the oral presentation by the instructor, followed by the email of the lesson, is very beneficial. (For those students without computers, make a few “hard copies.”)
  • There are two-four discussion questions for each class period. These questions are intended for “small group” interaction. Each small group may consist of 3-5 people. People love the small group interactions/sharing times.
  • Be a learner yourself. Your detailed study of the four gospels will refresh your spirit and mind.  Spend time in your personal preparation.
  • Always bring back the discussion to Jesus Christ. In the eyes of many, the stories about Jesus of Nazareth are more attractive than stories from the Old Testament or about the Apostle Paul. By the time this course is completed, students will be living in the mind, spirit, and history of Jesus.
  • The ideal length of the class time will be approximately 90 minutes.
  • This course is planned for 54 weeks.  Most congregations may teach it in two years: 12 weeks in the fall, 7 weeks in the winter, and 8 weeks in the spring.  
  • Other congregations may teach it in three years:  six weeks in fall, winter, and spring.  
  • Feel free to revise this course in any way that benefits the congregation and reflects the values and theology of the instructor.
  • Some will teach it on Sunday mornings, for 50 minutes, modifying as needed.

    FREE Sample Lessons For Reference
    Life of Christ - Lesson 1:

    Download PDF
    832 KB

    Download PowerPoint
    1.3 MB
    Questions or comments about the course? Please send me and email!

    Life of Christ - Lesson 2:

    Download PDF
    732 KB

    Download PowerPoint
    1.2 MB
    Life of Christ - Lesson 33:
    Uniquely Luke (4) Journey to Jerusalem

    Download PDF 760 KB

    Download PowerPoint
    1.1 MB

    Life of Christ - Lesson 40:
    Passion Week (1) Palm Parade, Cleansing of the Temple

    Download PDF 740 KB

     Download PowerPoint
    1 MB

    Life of Christ - Lesson 48:
    Arrest, Crucifixion, Burial

    Download PDF 1 MB

     Download PowerPoint
    1.6 MB

    The Courses and Costs

    • Students do not have to purchase any printed lecture materials.
    • The lesson is emailed to students after each teaching session.
    • There are no travel or educational expenses for a pastor.  
    Life of Christ - Available NOW!
    The Life of Christ, Year 1 & 2
    $250, 54 Lessons

    More classes coming soon!

    A Slow Walk Through the Old Testament
    Year 1, 2, 3 $300 for 72 lessons

    The Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul
    Year 1, 2, $250, 54 lessons

    The Second Hundred Years (100-200 CE): Early Church History
    Year 1, $125, 27 lessons

    The Story of How the Bible Was Made
    $50, 8 lessons

    Confirmation for Youth (ages 13-15) and/or New Converts
    Year 1, Lives in the Old Testament, $100, 30 lessons
    Year 2, The Life of Christ, $100, 30 lessons
    Year 3, The Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul, $100, 30 lessons

    Witnesses for Christ: The Fundamentals of Evangelism
    Cost coming soon

    A Quest for Better Preaching
    Cost coming soon

    Purchase the Life of Christ for your congregation today!

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