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Edward F. Markquart

The Life of Christ - About

Pastor Edward F. Markquart is the author of the Internet website, SERMONS FROM SEATTLE. 40,000-50,000 different pastors from 150 countries (52% from the USA, 22% Canada, 16% United Kingdom, 9% Australia/South Africa) visit this website monthly, examine 2.5 sermons, and adapt these preaching materials to their congregational needs. 

Pastor Markquart has been the pastor of Grace Lutheran Church since l973. The congregation centers on Jesus Christ and his love and grace for all people.

The congregation has grown to be one of the larger worshipping congregations on the West coast. The congregation is known for its many and varied ministries:  invigorating worship services, youth and music ministries, homeless shelter, Third World missions, world hunger program, Bible studies, small groups, confirmation, retreats, and much more.  The congregation is recognized for its generous financial benevolences and gives away a high percentage of its offerings. A neighbor states: “Grace is the church on the corner that never stops and the parking lot seems forever full.”

Pastor Markquart  retired in 2007, after 34 years serving in that congregation.

Pastor Markquart has authored three books that have been useful to pastors, congregations, and seminary students: QUEST FOR BETTER PREACHING (used by seminaries as a basic text in preaching), WITNESSES FOR CHRIST (used by a few thousand congregations for evangelism in the Lutheran church) and THE BIBLE FOR TODAY (a Bible centered confirmation program which has been used by more than a thousand congregations.) Pastor Markquart has conducted numerous preaching and evangelism seminars in all sections of USA.

In his retirement, Pastor Markquart is preparing to market his Biblical classes that he has taught during the past 34 years at Grace Lutheran. He will be conducting two preaching/teaching seminars a year for ten years. One internationally, one nationally.

FREE Sample Lessons For Reference
Life of Christ - Lesson 1:

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Questions or comments about the course? Please send me and email!

Life of Christ - Lesson 2:

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Life of Christ - Lesson 33:
Uniquely Luke (4) Journey to Jerusalem

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Life of Christ - Lesson 40:
Passion Week (1) Palm Parade, Cleansing of the Temple

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Life of Christ - Lesson 48:
Arrest, Crucifixion, Burial

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The Courses and Costs

  • Students do not have to purchase any printed lecture materials.
  • The lesson is emailed to students after each teaching session.
  • There are no travel or educational expenses for a pastor.  
Life of Christ - Available NOW!
The Life of Christ, Year 1 & 2
$250, 54 Lessons

More classes coming soon!

A Slow Walk Through the Old Testament
Year 1, 2, 3 $300 for 72 lessons

The Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul
Year 1, 2, $250, 54 lessons

The Second Hundred Years (100-200 CE): Early Church History
Year 1, $125, 27 lessons

The Story of How the Bible Was Made
$50, 8 lessons

Confirmation for Youth (ages 13-15) and/or New Converts
Year 1, Lives in the Old Testament, $100, 30 lessons
Year 2, The Life of Christ, $100, 30 lessons
Year 3, The Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul, $100, 30 lessons

Witnesses for Christ: The Fundamentals of Evangelism
Cost coming soon

A Quest for Better Preaching
Cost coming soon

Purchase the Life of Christ for your congregation today!

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