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The Life of Christ

What is the purpose of this course? To know Jesus Christ more fully. To know the grace of Christ, the love of Christ, the ways of Christ for our daily lives. That is what we want for ourselves, our family, our friends, our world around us. By carefully studying the life of Christ, it is our prayer that the Spirit of Jesus Christ may come to live in us more fully.

What makes this course unique?
Developed by Pastor Edward F. Markquart over the past 30 years, this course involves an intense study in the life of Christ as revealed in the four gospels. During the past three decades, the course has been revised, researched and improved by Pastor Markquart and by lay people who were part of these Bible classes. The thoughts, values, and struggles of laity have been interwoven into the fabric of this course. This course offers a “gold mine” of resources: Biblical commentary, paintings, photographs, diagrams, maps, art, archeology, historical research, stories, sermons, and a newly designed textbook, SYNOPSIS OF THE FOUR GOSPELS.  A uniqueness is that it has “depth.”

How long is the course?It will vary. For many congregations, the course will take two years, 27 weeks per year, to complete from start to finish. For other congregations, it will take three years, 18 weeks per year.  For still others, they will create shorter “mini-courses.”

What is provided? There is an abundance of varied resources for the instructor. Lecture material is provided each week as are power points and links to the finest visuals from the Internet. There are daily gospel readings. There are 2-4 discussion questions per lesson to enrich and deepen the learning experience.

Are you looking for something deeper? One pastor, after evaluating this new course, commented: “In Bible study, it is important to go beyond the ‘same old, same old,’ or the mediocrity of ‘good enough is good enough.’" Another pastor stated: “Pastors are looking for something that takes them and their laity to another level of Biblical studies.”

FREE Sample Lessons For Reference
Life of Christ - Lesson 1:

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Questions or comments about the course? Please send me and email!

Life of Christ - Lesson 2:

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Life of Christ - Lesson 33:
Uniquely Luke (4) Journey to Jerusalem

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Life of Christ - Lesson 40:
Passion Week (1) Palm Parade, Cleansing of the Temple

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Life of Christ - Lesson 48:
Arrest, Crucifixion, Burial

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The Courses and Costs

  • Students do not have to purchase any printed lecture materials.
  • The lesson is emailed to students after each teaching session.
  • There are no travel or educational expenses for a pastor.  
Life of Christ - Available NOW!
The Life of Christ, Year 1 & 2
$250, 54 Lessons

More classes coming soon!

A Slow Walk Through the Old Testament
Year 1, 2, 3 $300 for 72 lessons

The Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul
Year 1, 2, $250, 54 lessons

The Second Hundred Years (100-200 CE): Early Church History
Year 1, $125, 27 lessons

The Story of How the Bible Was Made
$50, 8 lessons

Confirmation for Youth (ages 13-15) and/or New Converts
Year 1, Lives in the Old Testament, $100, 30 lessons
Year 2, The Life of Christ, $100, 30 lessons
Year 3, The Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul, $100, 30 lessons

Witnesses for Christ: The Fundamentals of Evangelism
Cost coming soon

A Quest for Better Preaching
Cost coming soon

Purchase the Life of Christ for your congregation today!

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