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The content of these books will be added to this website later.


“The Bible for Today” is a three-year, intensive study of the Bible for confirmation students but is also adapted for adults. It is modeled after the Bethel Bible Series in that the basic concepts of Bethel (but not the pictures) are infused throughout the material. It is a “high expectation” course. That is, all great athletic coaches, music directors, and school teachers have high expectations of their students. The students live up to the challenge, disciple, and rigor of their coach, conductor, or teacher. So it is with this confirmation series. There are high expectations built into the material. Knowing that there are exceptions, it is expected that the parent(s) will be involved. There is a ten minute devotional reading of the Bible every night; there is homework, memory work and tests. But when the course is finished, the students and their parent(s) have actually learned something about the Bible and Biblical interpretation and the confirmands demonstrate unusual spiritual maturity. Push the “go” button and you will quickly download the whole course…for free.  Load time is approximately…


The study, “Witnesses for Christ,” is a course in evangelism used by several thousand congregations. It was the primary evangelism course of the Lutheran church in the early 1980s and is still relevant and current. Push the “go” button and you will quickly download the whole course…for free. Load time is approximately…

The textbook, Quest for Better Preaching, 1985, Augsburg, is currently out of print but was used in several homiletics classrooms and reprinted three times. The book summarizes the essentials that make for fine, Christ-centered, Biblical preaching. Push the “go” button and you will quickly download the whole book…for free. Load time is approximately ….

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