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Christmas Dramas
Seven Christmas dramas are available for you on this website. You can read the script and then watch the video, to see if this drama can be adapted to your parish. The videos on this website use a new technology called “releasing” and the download time is merely seconds. All seven Christmas plays are really great and make fine sermons. Grace Lutheran Church has developed a tradition of having a Christmas play on the Fourth Sunday of Advent which is called the First Sunday Before Christmas. The plays are rotated every seven years. 

“Bad literature (or sermons) describe emotions; good literature (or sermons) create scenes and situations which evoke emotion.” - Paul Holmer

Christmas Dramas
Annual Meeting of the Archangels 
By Edward F. Markquart

The Humble Hotel 
By Edward F. Markquart

The Visit of St. Nicholas 

adapted from…

Waiting for the Christmas Guest
adapted from…

When Joseph Doubted
adapted from…

Christ Was Born For This?

By Darlene Swanson Malmo

Off Limits Shepherds 
adapted from ….

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