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Edward F. Markquart

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"Substantive, fresh preaching is among the most often cited challenges of strong, faithful long-term ministry.  Pastors speak of the multitudinous demands of parish leadership eating away at sermon preparation time. Pastors long for regular, interesting theological conversation around text and sermon. They ask for significant, pastoral resources that explore the full-range of the human condition. I see among pastors a search for "partners" in their genuine desire to be faithful and effective proclaimers of the gospel.

Edward Markquart has been one such partner for me and countless others over the last thirty years.  His book on preaching, his seminars on teaching and preaching, and, his website on preaching through the church year have been theologically astute as well "practitioner practical."  While I occasionally find substantive sermon resources in books by Fredrick Buechner, Wlliam Willimon, and Walt Wangerin, I find most books of sermons less than helpful. Such books can even become crutches in service of weakened proclamation.

Markquart's website on preaching through the church year is anything but a crutch.  Rather I find this website a worthy partner in the pursuit of substantive, fresh, contextual biblical proclamation. The site itself is dynamic and easy to use.  The sermons, dramas, art and attending notes are interesting expositions of scripture, significant possible "angles into the texts," and deeply integrated with the arts and the full range of human experience.  As I work with the material, I find myself drawn more deeply into the scriptures, the human condition and the art of communication.

I encourage you to check out this website. Blessings during these days of Advent and Christmas!"
Roland Martinson

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